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KhuenPhu is a CBD brand built to modernize Asian healing traditions.

Fast-Acting Hemp CBD

Feel the difference that science makes! Our products are formulated using high-quality full spectrum hemp CBD oil and broad-spectrum nanoemulsion that starts working in less than 20 minutes.

Convienent CBD Dosing

Whether you prefer to infuse your favorite beverage with a CBD drink mix or pop a gummy for fast relief, each KhuenPhu product is formulated and packaged for precise and easy dosing.

Familiar Flavors

Celebrating our asian taste buds by choosing ingredients that are grounded in traditional wellness practices and flavors that honor our roots like mango, guava, lychee, and passion fruit.


I have insomnia, anxiety and pain. I don’t like taking prescription or over the counter meds for any of it because I also have acid reflux. Instead of taking meds I started using cbd as an alternative for all my problems and it worked. The Khuenphu CBD products have helped with my sleep and it helps a lot with my anxiety and pain. I don’t want to drink to help me sleep because I feel too hungover the next day and it is not a good feeling.

I’ve also been caring for my father who has dementia. It has been really exhausting especially when they have their episodes of not knowing where they are, getting agitated and angry. I figured if the Khuenphu CBD worked for me and is safe for me, why not let my dad try it. Doctors have prescribed him various medications that don’t help him at all. The sleeping pills prescribed didn’t work and he would stay up wandering around the house for 2 days straight with no sleep. So, yes! Now my dad takes CBD when needed and yes it has helped keep him calm, relaxed, no angry outburst. He is just calm and even sleeps through the night.

Sally Thouchalanh

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I had this chronic sharp pain in my elbow and Khuenphu products provided pain relief to the point of pain being completely gone. I’m continuing to use their CBD in hopes it will help with my neuropathy pain. I’ll gladly continue to order from Khuenphu for my pain management.

Dale Thongmahavong

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I haven’t slept for 6 hours straight consistently for 20years. Typically I’ll lay in bed for a few hours before being able to drift off but will wake up every 1-2 hours during the night. After taking 2 gummies I have slept 5 nights in a row for 6-7 hours straight! Highly recommend giving these a try.

Matt Rider

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I always had many sleepless nights. I chose to turn to alcohol and sleeping pills to put myself to sleep. I was never into edibles. Maybe because I don’t like the head high. My aunt recommended that I try the Khuenphu CBD gummies. I learned that CBD provides more of a body high and not a head high. After trying the gummies, I must say that my alcohol intake is less, and I don't need sleeping pills anymore. Honestly, it has helped me with my drinking. I don't feel the need to drink alcohol anymore either and my family considered me an alcoholic.

Tommy Phaphilom

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KhuenPhu is the trusted CBD guide for Asians on their path to transformation and enlightenment.

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