The 5 Best Ways to Celebrate Laos New Year

In Southeast Asian culture, we celebrate New Year during the spring with a huge festival called Pi iMai, Songkran, or SangKhan. While each nation celebrates its own way, we share many of the same values and participate in similar blessings and rituals. However, this holiday is much more than a religious ceremony. It’s a time to party, let loose, and connect with loved ones.

The celebration lasts three days, and each day carries significant meaning for our rituals. The first day is the last day of the old year; the second day is a “no day” as it doesn’t belong to the new year or the old year; and the third day is considered the first day of the new year.

Different ceremonies that honor our core values of family, society, and religion occur each day. Here are the five best ways to celebrate Songkran this year.

1. Clean your House or Pick Up Litter.

Starting the new year off with a fresh, clean start is what Songkran is all about. Laos New Year is when we cleanse our bodies, souls, and environment.

2. Offer Alms to Monks.

Merit-making and listening to Buddhist preachings are ways to center yourself for a fresh beginning. If there are no monks nearby, you release birds and fish back into their natural habitat. The act of giving them their freedom is also considered merit-making.

3. Pour Water on Your Friends and Relatives.

Water holds power in Laos culture. Water is thrown, poured, or even shot out of a water gun during the new year. Getting your loved ones soaking wet spreads blessings, shows respect, and demonstrates gratitude for the people in your life.

4. Watch the Pageant, Parade, Folk Performances, and Traditional Games.

Celebrating our heritage, dancing, and games bring life and vibrancy to the Songkran Festival. Our most important traditional event is the parade, where we carry Prabang Buddha through the streets on a golden platform.

5. Build a House from Sand.

Bringing sand to temples is considered meritable in our culture because monks can reuse it for construction or restoration. During Songkran, people gather around piles of sand and build miniature, sandy versions of their homes to bring good fortune in the new year.

Laos New Year is almost coming to an end, and KhuenPhu will be celebrating it in Saginaw, Texas on April 29 - May1st. This town hosts one of the biggest Songkran festivals in America! We plan to participate in our favorite traditions and provide CBD gummies, Hemp Hydration shots, and CBD YaMong to all the festival-goers! (18+) For many, this will be their first experience with Hemp CBD, and we aim to make it a good one!

See you in Saginaw!

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