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Up the Mountain

Can you hear it? Listen for the faint padding of feet as our community rises and starts its daily journey to the temple. Once our neighbors arrive, they’ll remove their shoes, bring offerings to monks in honor of Sujata, who nourished Gautama Buddha on his path to bodhi, and greet each other with heads bowed and hands held together, fingertips pointed towards heaven. But in these early morning hours, they’re only just starting their trek up the mountain.

This ritual, the climb, is an integral part of our spiritual practice. It requires us to take on a physical and emotional challenge that transforms our hearts and facilitates spiritual enlightenment.

Another such ritual for those of us who seek natural products to reach enlightment.

KhuenPhu's message is rooted in genuine love for Asian culture and a desire to evolve our traditions for a modern era. Above all, we are here to educate, guide, and earn the trust of our brothers and sisters as they explore wellness.

Our products are formulated using cutting-edge technology that ensures every dose has stable potency and exceptional taste, so when your climb up the mountain starts to feel challenging, KhuenPhu pushes you to keep going and rise higher.

Founded To Evolve Asian Traditions

Sysamone's first official experience with cannabis was before the age of ten. She doesn't remember her exact age because the realization that her mother had put it in their pho broth didn't hit her until an old college roommate asked if she wanted to smoke with her. That's when she realized she had been enjoying the natural effects of the cannabis plant for years without even realizing it. Her mother never saw the plant as a gateway drug. She raised her children to see it as an herb that added flavor to their meals.

Sysamone's ethnic origins are a blend of Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. Her upbringing was more immersed in the Laotian culture and traditions because her parents and most of her siblings were refugee immigrants who migrated to the states during the Vietnam war. Sysamone and her younger brother are the only two that were American-born. They never forgot about the powerful herbs added to their meals. From herbal teas with ingredients curated in the jungles of Laos to natural handmade balms, they used whatever resources they could get their hands on, including cannabis.

In the Champasack province of Laos, where her mother was born and raised, Sysamone's family participates in a healing tradition every time they visit their home country. The entire clan, including children, takes a hike up the mountain (KhuenPhu) of Wat Phu to a temple built in the late 10th century with foundation structures dating as far back as the 5th century. Inside these mountain-top ruins, elderly shaman women wait for climbers, ready to provide blessings and holy water that pours down the side of the mountain, to heal, bless and cleanse you. There, her family experiences joint healing for a fresh start in life's next chapter.

Entering the regulated cannabis industry, Sysamone saw a path in which she could modernize the ways her culture used herbs. KhuenPhu is not only a homage to her family's tradition and mother's hometown. It celebrates the path Sysamone has chosen; to enlighten and educate her community on a better way to consume CBD. She is blending a love for her culture, their herbal practices, and her love for cannabis all in one place.

KhuenPhu is the trusted CBD guide for Asians on their path to transformation and enlightenment.

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