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Effective Ways to Consume CBD Oil

CBD oil is a legal therapeutic remedy used by many people to improve their health and wellness. By processing hemp leaves, we can separate the non-intoxicating hemp oil from the plant fibers. Raw distillates can be processed further to make a wide range of products including CBD gummies, tinctures, skin care products, and dog treats.

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Asian-Owned CBD Brand Launches Nationwide For AAPI Community

KhuenPhu (pronounced Kun-Pooh), an AAPI-owned and woman-led CBD brand, launched today with a catalog of potent, non-intoxicating cannabis-infused products that aim to bring physical and emotional balance and relief to the Asian community.

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Differences between Full Spectrum CBD and Nanoemulsion CBD Gummies

While the vegan and non-GMO formulation is the same across our line of gummies, the tropical flavors aren't the only differences between them. The active CBD types and formulations are also different. "Daytime" will feel lighter and more energetic because it contains a broad spectrum nanoemulsion formula, while "Nighttime" might feel more relaxing because it uses a Full-spectrum hemp distillate.

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Getting Started with CBD? Here’s what you need to know.

Growing up, our families didn’t have a lot of faith in western medicine. The approach is focused on treating symptoms rather than preventing illness through a healthy lifestyle. We were raised with homemade herbal remedies that kept our minds and bodies sharp. Finally, more people are starting to open up to these ideas and want to replace expensive pharmaceuticals with more natural therapies that work in harmony with their bodies. CBD complements our natural biological systems which can provide relief from chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and inflammation.

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4 Best Ways to Drink Your CBD

Liquid CBD Nanoemulsion is an amazing additive to your beverages and even some of your favorite foods. CBD oil supports relaxation, reduces inflammation, and facilitates overall wellbeing. By processing high-quality hemp oil with natural surfactants, large hemp molecules break down into micro-particles that become water-soluble. This means we can finally mix oil and water together! That makes CBD nanoemulsion the best way to add your daily dose of full-spectrum hemp into the foods and drinks you already love!

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The Secret Behind Nano CBD Technology

Asian cultures have used hemp plants, and hemp oil concentrates for centuries. Employed for healing, health, and cooking, this special herb is still a staple in our homes. In the modern era, we’re still drawing on hemp cannabinoids to improve our lives, but our ability to process hemp improves every day.

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KhuenPhu is the trusted CBD guide for Asians on their path to transformation and enlightenment.

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