Differences between Full Spectrum CBD and Nanoemulsion CBD Gummies

If you have ever browsed our product line, you may be wondering about the differences between our CBD Day Gummies and our CBD Night Gummies. While the vegan and non-GMO formulation is the same across our line of gummies, the tropical flavors aren't the only differences between them. The active CBD types and formulations are also different. "Daytime" will feel lighter and more energetic because it contains a broad spectrum nanoemulsion formula, while "Nighttime" might feel more relaxing because it uses a Full-spectrum hemp distillate.

Here’s an easy reference chart:
DifferencesDay Gummies Night Gummies
CBD Type Broad Spectrum CBD Full Spectrum CBD
Formula Type Nanoemulsion Hemp Distillate
THC Ratio No- Zero THC Yes- Less than 0.3% THC

Consider your CBD type and your CBD Formula

When producing CBD products, hemp oil is extracted from the plant and then processed to become one of the three types of CBD: Isolate CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Full-Spectrum CBD.

What is CBD Isolate Type?

CBD isolate means that the hemp oil was processed so that it only contained the CBD compound. It does not contain any terpenes or supporting cannabinoids which means it is usually odorless and tasteless. For those who do not want to consume any THC, CBD isolate is a safe choice. However, isolates are generally less potent. With the other two kinds of CBD, you benefit from the entourage effect, where all the compounds and cannabinoids in a hemp plant work together to support your body.

KhuenPhu isn't currently using CBD isolate in ANY of our products. Our gummies are either broad-spectrum nanoemulsion OR full-spectrum distillate.

What is the Full Spectrum CBD type?

Full-Spectrum CBD products contain all of the compounds and terpenes found in the hemp plant. Depending on the hemp plant's chemical makeup, the CBD product can have a range of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBN, and up to .3% THC. Full-spectrum is not only more natural than isolates; you may also notice that it has a more potent onset than Isolated and Broad Spectrum CBD types.

What is the Broad Spectrum CBD type?

Broad Spectrum CBD products will contain the hemp plant's complete terpene profile. However, the process that produces broad-spectrum CBD eliminates THC and any cannabinoids other than CBD. It's an excellent option for people who want to benefit from the entourage effect while ensuring that they don't consume any THC.

What is a CBD Hemp Distillate Formula?

CBD distillate is the raw oil extracted from a hemp plant. The extraction methods vary, but the result is the most natural CBD type, Full-spectrum hemp CBD. From this point, we can process the distillate to produce broad-spectrum oils, CBD isolate, and CBD Nanoemulsion. The average onset of Hemp distillate can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

What is CBD Nanoemulsion Formula?

Khuenphu's organically certified nanoemulsion formula is obtained directly from a soapbark tree from Chile. Through a proprietary process, large hemp lipids break down into smaller compounds. Because the molecules are smaller, they enter your bloodstream faster and work better with your body. Our organic emulsion formula offers a near-neutral taste, allowing the tropical flavors to shine through every bite. The average onset of the organic emulsion is around 20mins.

Choosing between Day Gummies and Night Gummies

When choosing between CBD types and formulations, you should be considering any dietary restrictions, how you would like to use the CBD in your routine, and whether or not you want to take even minimal amounts of THC. Both gummy types are third-party lab-tested to ensure they are free of contamination and safe for consumption. To summarize, our CBD Gummies are:

  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Free of contamination
  • Safe for consumption
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Non-GMO

To summarize, other than the delicious tropical flavors,the differences between the day and night gummies are CBD type and CBD Formula.

Day Gummies are made with a Broad Spectrum CBD Nanoemulsion

Because of the type and formula, Day gummies will have a faster onset and lighter hemp taste. The broad-spectrum CBD type will not contain any THC but does include some minor cannabinoids, including CBG. While we named the broad spectrum gummies "daytime," you can take them whenever it works for your routine.

Night Gummies are made with a Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Distillate

Full-spectrum CBD will take a little longer than nanoemulsion for your body to process, but it can have a noticeably calming onset. Because the hemp distillate is in its most natural form, all the cannabinoids (including CBN) and terpenes work together to bring your endocannabinoid system into harmony. Because this CBD type and formula are so powerful, we recommend taking them at night. However, every person's body is different, so we encourage you to test what works for you.

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