The Secret Behind Nano CBD Technology

Asian cultures have used hemp plants, and hemp oil concentrates for centuries. Employed for healing, health, and cooking, this special herb is still a staple in our homes. In the modern era, we’re still drawing on hemp cannabinoids to improve our lives, but our ability to process hemp improves every day.

The technology for processing hemp oil can now produce a new compound called a nanoemulsion or microemulsion. The nanotechnology that made this possible evolved from the desire to create a more stable, safe solution that increases bioavailability for the human body.

What is CBD emulsion?

Emulsions allow us to blend oil and water, which have never mixed well. An emulsion is a dispersed homogenous mixture of two or more naturally immiscible liquids (non-mixable or un-blendable).

CBD is derived from hemp oil which is extracted from hemp plants. Like any other oil, it does not dissolve in water. In an unstable emulsion, water and oil droplets mixed in a science tube will revert to two separate single phases. The magic of turning oil into a water-soluble solution or creating a harmonious connection between water and oil is in selecting surfactants.

Nanoemulsion Surfactants can be Organic and Natural

Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension between hemp oil and liquid. So, the two compounds stabilize when mixed with a surfactant. We are currently using two different surfactant formulations in our product line.

CBD Tropical Gummies include an organic formula derived from quillaja extract, a surfactant obtained from soapbark trees in Chile.

CBD Nanoemulsion Tinctures use a natural formulation from the hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts of different plants. These naturally occurring parts are then processed together to create the finished surfactant.

How does Nano CBD perform compared to hemp oils and isolates?

  1. Faster Onset: According to a study with EmeryPharma, participants felt effects from a 20mg dose of our CBD emulsion in fewer than 20 minutes. They hypothesize this because nanoemulsion particles are much smaller than hemp oil particles, so that nanoemulsion may enter the bloodstream faster.
  2. Potent for Longer: Hemp oils and CBD isolates lose their potency over time. Our nanoemulsion stays stable and potent for longer.
  3. Water Soluble: Nanoemulsion will dissolve into your favorite hot or cold beverages. The versatile CBD Nanoemulsion Tinctures are great for cooking and mixing drinks.

Ready to try CBD Nanoemulsion for yourself?

KhuenPhu’s CBD Nanoemulsion Tinctures and CBD Tropical gummies use potent hemp nanoemulsion that is not psychoactive, has a fast-onset, reliable potency, and a long shelf-life. In addition, each batch of nanoemulsion is tested in a third-party lab for pesticides, heavy metals, has accurate dosing, and contains no THC.

Lab results are available to view on each of our product pages.

KhuenPhu is the trusted CBD guide for Asians on their path to transformation and enlightenment.

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