Effective Ways to Consume CBD Oil

CBD oil is a popular product made from hemp. By processing hemp leaves, we can separate non-intoxicating CBD oil from hemp plant fibers. CBD oil can be added to a wide range of products including CBD gummies, tinctures, skin care products, and dog treats.

The Current Method People Use to Consume CBD Oil

CBD hemp oil is currently consumed by placing a dose of oil under the tongue. You must hold it there for about 60 seconds before swallowing. This is called sublingual dosing and it is an essential step that allows your body to get full use from your hemp oil. Even though you can put hemp oil in smoothies, dressings, or other kinds of beverages, this will not lead to the results you want.

The reason? CBD is found inside hemp’s fatty lipids. These molecules are too large to effectively penetrate your intestine or stomach lining. The pores in your mouth and particularly under your tongue are larger, which allows the compounds to absorb into your body. So, drinking CBD hemp oil in any beverage or smoothie is significantly less effective than placing the dose under your tongue.

Don’t worry, you can still take your daily dose of CBD oil in your drinks. Technology picked up right where nature left off! CBD Nanoemulsion is the next step for hemp.

The New Consumption method with CBD Nanoemulsion

Nanoemulsion is the latest evolution of hemp oil. Creating nanoemulsions for use in food and medicine isn’t new, but the process has only just been applied to hemp oil. To make nanoemulsion, hemp oil molecules are broken down into tiny droplets and combined with an emulsifier. Emulsifiers are added to food items such as mayonnaise, ice cream and baked goods to create a smooth texture, prevent separation, and extend shelf life. Due to oil and water not mixing well, the process of adding an emulsifying agent makes the CBD oil water-soluble.

What is a Water-SolubleTincture?

Water-Soluble tinctures is CBD nanoemulsion mixed with water to dilute the CBD potency to a safe, stable and consistent level. The nanoemulsion may be flavored depending on the brand and will be packaged in a small dark glass or opaque bottle with an eyedropper. CBD Water-Soluble Tinctures can be mixed in with drinks, dressings, and sauces without the two separating because they are water-soluble and oil is not. Water-Soluble tinctures are part of the new rise in ways people can consume CBD oil.

Is CBD nanoemulsion more effective than hemp oil?

Convenience isn’t the only benefit nanoemulsions offer over oils! Scientists have found that nanoemulsion helps CBD work better with our bodies for two reasons. First, The natural extracts that turn oil into emulsion increases CBD’s bioavailability in the human body. Second, nanoemulsions are processed to break down larger molecules into microscopic CBD drops which increases their surface area. This means that our stomach lining is able to efficiently absorb the CBD and we start to feel it faster!

CBD Nanoemulsion Benefits:

  1. It improves the bioavailability of CBD.
  2. It is non-toxic and non-irritant in nature.
  3. It has improved physical stability.
  4. It’s small-sized droplets have greater surface area that provides greater absorption.
  5. It is water-soluble.
  6. It comes in a variety of options: synthetic natural, or organic.

What is CBD Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the proportion of an active ingredient that enters the bloodstream after ingesting. The term is used to describe how much of an ingredient needs to be circulated in your body to be effective.

Innocan Pharma> states, “You can consume CBD in the form of food or swallow it like a capsule. When you do so, your body processes the compound in your digestive system; it passes through your stomach and then into your liver, where the metabolism takes place. After being metabolized, CBD is released into your bloodstream.”

They continue,”This is the reason why the bioavailability of CBD products like tinctures is higher than products like drinks, gummies, capsules, and soft gels. CBD tinctures are absorbed quickly in your bloodstream when swallowed. It is found that the bioavailability of CBD when ingested is somewhere between thirteen and nineteen percent. This means that swallowing about 20mg of CBD will lead to an absorption of about 3mg or less CBD in your bloodstream.”

The latest nanoemulsion technology makes hemp oil more convenient to consume because you don’t have to take it sublingually. You can add CBD to your favorite drinks with a nanoemulsion tincture or take it as a yummy gummy! Want to know the powerful ingredients behind CBD Nanoemulsion? Read all about it in our blog, “The Secret Behind CBD Nanoemulsion.”

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