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Our Elephant Balm is a homage to the healing traditions of our elders. Infused with 500mg of CBD and other natural ingredients, our powerful soothing formulation is there when you need it most.

Elephant balm is perfect for any physical area like the knuckles, elbows, knees, back, necks, sore muscles and much more. Apply liberally.

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KhuenPhu Elephant Balm



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inspired by healing traditions

When Sysamone was a young girl, she would massage a very strong balm into her mother's back. When Ma felt ill or had physical pain and discomfort, she would knead the ointment into her wrists and knees too. Elephant Balm is a modern formulation inspired by this traditional medicinal balm. Sysamone's mother used it to help her family members, neighbors, and friends in their healing process using the 'penny method.'

The penny method is a well-known healing tradition in Lao culture. Using a penny, Syasmone's mother would scrape medicinal balms onto a person's back, following the lines of their skeleton.

The herbal ingredients are so potent, only a pea-sized amount of balm is required. The motion of scraping a penny along the skin leaves red marks on the back, which means their pores and skin have absorbed the medicine. Her process took about an hour, and by the end of it, the person would feel refreshed, healed & the discomfort of pain would cease to exist.

Elephant Balm is a strong yet gentle healing tradition passed down from generation to generation. The iconic balms that our families have been using for centuries have finally evolved for a modern community while still honoring our Asian heritage.

Our customers

I’ve battled migraines and temple tensions often before using the Elephant Balm. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say it’s off the chart and highly recommend it. I love that it worked for me. I wasn’t a believer in Natural ingredients but now I do.

Rasme Xaya

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I use the balm daily for my pain. I always feel better after using it. I recommend if you have any muscle or joint pain and aches from doing any physical activity.

Kinnarone Phaphol

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KhuenPhu Elephant Balm is great! I use it before and after every workout. It helps me warm up & relieves my tension. It relieves my pain and soreness that I have at the moment. I would highly recommend it. It’s a multipurpose use balm.

Jimmy Vongprachanch

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KhuenPhu elephant balm helps me with my cough, clogged & congested nose. I breathe in the scent all the time when I have a bad cough or my nose is plugged and I can’t breathe. The balm really does the job to clear up my congestion.

Laura Gonzalez

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I apply the Elephant Balm?

Apply balm to the area(s) of physical pain and discomfort. Balm can be used for massaging into the skin or full-body application. Avoid using it on your face, near your eyes or other mucus membranes.

Can I use Elephant Balm for headaches?

Yes, the aroma of our balm is helpful for those that have headaches. You can open the jar and smell the scent of the balm or you can use a pea sized dab and gently rub it into your temples. Our balm was specially designed to help soothe discomfort associated with occasional headaches. However, we don’t recommend applying directly to the face.

Can I use Elephant Balm as a moisturizer?

No, although many topical CBD products are beneficial for dry skin. The formulation we created is not intended to be used as a moisturizer, but instead for soothing discomfort and physical pain. 

Can I ingest the Elephant Balm if I want to?

No, this product is for topical use only.

How often can I use my Elephant Balm?

The balm has no limit on usage. Use as needed daily.

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